Chemical industry to strengthen control of air emissions

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The chemical industry will strengthen the control of environmental emissions.

Russia is planning to establish a system for monitoring greenhouse gas emissions – a bill on limiting greenhouse gas emissions into the air has been submitted to the Government. Yuri Melnikov, a senior analyst at the Energy Centre of the Skolkovo Moscow School of Management, believes that for the successful operation of the monitoring system it will be essential to establish cooperation with the largest greenhouse gas emitters: companies in the electricity, heating, oil and gas, metallurgy and chemical industries. However, only a few of these companies currently voluntarily report on greenhouse gas emissions.

Svetlana Radionova, head of the Federal Service for Supervision of Natural Resources, stated that industrial enterprises in the Russian Federation are purposefully reducing their emissions, as they realize that measurements will soon be taken at their production facilities. That is why Rosprirodnadzor is asking the government to oblige the first category factories – 300 enterprises in the country, which account for up to half of all emissions – to provide the agency with online access to their automatic emission control data.

Russia officially complies with the Paris Agreement on reducing greenhouse gas emissions. However, de facto, the country lacks the tools and incentives to actually reduce CO2 emissions and develop green energy, which could be a driver for the strategy. As an exception, the Russian government has adopted the hydrogen energy policy by 2021. However, the road from concept to practical steps is a long one: the strategy is not yet ready in Russia, and the infrastructure for mass production of hydrogen must be built now.