Applications for the “Khimkomplex Business Index” industry awards are now open.

Front page/ Press/ Applications for the "Khimkomplex Business Index" industry awards are now open.

The Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia begins accepting applications for participation in the annual “Khimkomplex Business Index” awards, which will be held for the first time. Invited to participate are chemical industry enterprises registered in the Russian Federation, associations, scientific and technical organizations and higher education institutions.

The application period will last until December 2, 2020. To apply, you must fill out a form and provide a presentation about the enterprise. Applications can be submitted toпремия/.

The award ceremony “Khimkomplex Business Index” will take place on December 10, 2020, in Moscow.

Five finalists will be determined in each category, and one winner will be chosen from them.

Nominations for the award “Khimkomplex Business Index” with open applications:

– “The best environmental project of the year” (an enterprise that uses the safest production technologies, or produces the most environmentally friendly products, or has implemented the most effective systems of protection against environmental pollution);

– “The best digital implementations” (an enterprise that successfully applies digital solutions in production, management, or trading processes);

– “Innovative Breakthrough of the Year” (an enterprise that launched the best innovative solutions of the past year).

– “Informational Transparency” (an enterprise that has the best transparency and information availability programme at year-end);

– “Investing in people” (an enterprise that has implemented successful social projects in the past year);

In two categories, applicants for the award will be determined based on the analytics data from FSUE “Khimvest Scientific and Research Center” and other expert organizations:

– “Exporter of the Year” (an enterprise that has achieved the best results in promoting Russian products abroad);

– “Leader in import substitution” (the enterprise that implemented the most successful import substitution project).

The main objectives of the Award are to identify initiatives aimed at developing the chemical complex of the Russian Federation, to create criteria for systematisation and evaluation of such initiatives, and to encourage the best initiatives and projects in the development of the chemical complex of the Russian Federation.

Contact for questions regarding the Award:

Olesya Viktorovna Demidova

Phone: 8-905-550-40-36